The most powerful anti-UAV system

In recent years, there are more and more air traffic incidents caused by “low, slow and small” aircrafts, but there is no way to deal with them. In view of this situation,we have introduced a new system based on a high-performance UAV with a net installed in its front end to catch the illegal small UAVs. The system can effectively intercept the common micro UAVs, and has good prospects for application.

In the far distance, a high mobility vertical takeoff and landing UAV, which carries a net in its front end, will be used to catch the small UAVs. At close range, a multi-rotor UAV with net catchers will be used to capture illegal small UAVs. The net catcher adopts pneumatic transmission working mode. And the diameter of the net is about 3 meters. Each UAV can carry up to four net catchers.

反无人机系统 -小

The anti-UAV system.